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Past Seasons of note

spring of the 1950 Flood
spring of the March 1966 Blizzard
cold wet spring of 1979
 spring of 1997 flood and storm of the century
warm dry spring 1980
hot July of 1936
warm summer of 1988
cool wet summer of 1992

cold fall of 1873
warm fall 1963

cold January and February 1966

The Meteorological Service of Canada  took  the official weather observations for  Winnipeg  at St. John's College from  1872 to  1938. The Anglican College was located on  Main Street near present day St. John's Park. (photo taken from Winnipeg Historical Images at

Looking towards the Scott- Bathgate Nutty Club Candies and Nuts building at Notre Dame East during the 1950 flood. Photo from